Your home, condo and/or cottage are a substantial investment for your family and your policy provides peace of mind against financial loss resulting from unforeseen circumstances such as fire, water escape, storm, wind or hail damage and theft. Your policy also keeps your lender or mortgage company satisfied that you can repair or replace your property should something bad happen to it. We have had many changes in recent years in home insurance options such as the introduction of overland flood coverage. We are now experiencing rates increasing due to more frequent extreme weather events along with external market factors. Please reach out to our team of professional insurance brokers for advice on your mortgage, home and fire insurance in Saskatchewan.

Key elements of home insurance include:

  • Dwelling – foundation and walls, flooring, windows and doors
  • Detached Structures – including garages or garden sheds
  • Personal Property – including electronics, clothing, appliances, recreational or sports equipment. Certain limitations apply to many items such as collectibles, jewelry or fine arts
  • Additional Living Expenses – expenses to stay in a hotel or rent another home until you can return
  • Personal Liability – you can be held responsible (liable) for bodily injury or property damage unintentionally caused to others, whether the event occurs on your property or anywhere in the world

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