Moon Insurance is a leading provider of farm, acreage or ranch insurance in Saskatchewan. We take pride in the strength of our farm insurance expertise with several brokers in our team operating cattle and grain farms themselves. Moon Insurance understands the unique requirements of various types of farms or acreages since we were raised in farming households. Depending on scale or your individual needs we are pleased to arrange a visit at either your barn door or ours. Please reach out and we will put on our boots for you.

Key elements of farm insurance include:

  • Barn, shop, quonset and outbuildings such as grain bins or sheds
  • Machinery such as tractor, combine, baler, sprayer
  • Tools and spare parts or fluids
  • Grain, hay or fodder
  • Fertilizer, chemicals and fuel
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Livestock such as cattle or horses
  • Loss of Income and Farm Accident
  • Farm Liability including Pollution or Custom Operations

Moon Insurance full service locations Saskatoon insurance, Vanscoy insurance, Colonsay insurance and Radisson insurance.